Panels and workshops that Marie has hosted at past conventions. This is not a finite list, but just some examples of what programming can be brought to a convention near you!


Cosplay for Dummies

Thinking about getting into cosplay? Here's a basic guide for how to start--whether you're buying a cosplay or making it on your own. Also learn how to use social networking sites to gain more knowledge of cosplay and make new friends!

Cosplay Safety

Cosplay is not consent! Know your rights and learn how to handle any potential safety issues, both at the convention and online.

Work It!

A guide for cosplayers and photographers on how to capture the perfect cosplay photo. Learn how to identify your strengths and let them shine in your photos. Get tips on posing, framing, and environment awareness for both sides of the camera.

Cosplay on a Budget

Cosplay can be an extremely expensive venture if you're unsure of how to approach each task. Before you jump in head first, learn a few tricks of the trade to help keep your spending in check!

Making it Up!

Costumes don't always need to be screen accurate! Explore the world of gijinkas, genderbends, Disney bounding, fan art, and original designs, and how to get started in designing your own!

working with leather, suede, & spandex

Beginners sometimes shy away from these fabrics because they're unfamiliar territory. But with a little practice, these materials can really elevate your costume. Learn the basics to working with some of trickier fabrics.